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China's gold coin usher in a historic opportunity for development

China's gold coin usher in a historic opportunity for development

2017/11/29 17:48

In the eyes of collectors and collectors, the gold coins in China are beautiful, beautiful in the United States in the concept of its clever design, the essence of gold and silver, the essence of casting, but also its rich connotation, that is: ancient and modern as one, Na Tian world in square inch. Although only a short period of thirty years of history, the gold coins in China are presented to the world in front of the world with more than a dozen categories and more than a thousand varieties, all-encompassing. She quenched gold and silver, cultural heritage as its purpose, to inherit and promote Chinese culture as its mission. Based on finance, the essence of Chinese traditional culture, the endless stream of the Chinese nation, is cast into gold and silver and is unique in the modern cultural industry, displaying this ancient and excellent Chinese civilization to the world. At the moment, with the rapid development of China's economy, our government proposes to set up a long-term strategy of building a cultural power and promote the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy. This is a historic development opportunity given by the times to our beloved gold and silver commemorative coin business. In the face of opportunity, only grasp can be worthy of this era!

Cultural industries are a series of activities that produce, reproduce, store and distribute cultural goods and services in accordance with industry standards. At the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress that is being held, Premier Wen said in his report on the work of the government: "Deepening the reform of the cultural system and enhancing the scale, intensification and specialization of the cultural industry and promoting the cultural industry to become the pillar industry of the national economy Deepen the exchange of foreign cultures and promote the mutual understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures. "In particular, at the end of this passage, the Prime Minister said lovingly:" Chinese culture has a strong centripetal force and shocking force. Therefore, contemporary Chinese children must shoulder the task of carrying forward Chinese culture Historical responsibility! "This sonorous and forceful words inspire endless confidence. Culture is not only an important part of the economy, but also an important lever for promoting economic development. It also represents the level of civilization and development of a country and a nation. In today's globalization, a strong culture is a powerful international influence. Therefore, culture embodies the "soft power" of a country and reflects its international competitiveness. Nowadays, the cultural industry has been upgraded to a new historical height in the national strategy and pillar industries, which will surely have a positive and far-reaching impact on the future development, dissemination and exchange of Chinese cultural undertakings. The Chinese gold coin, which owns a very extensive mass base and a large number of collectors, occupies an important position in the cultural industry of our country. Not only is its basic properties of precious metals possessed high economic value, but also due to its rich cultural connotation and unique Artistic value and collectible value all doomed China's gold coin products with very high economic added value. While meeting the needs of the general public, they are also playing an important role in boosting domestic demand, realizing gold deposits, recycling currency and developing the economy. From the perspective of inheriting and carrying forward the outstanding Chinese traditional culture, the Chinese gold coin as a cultural carrier has unparalleled superiority. The extensive and profound Chinese culture is the result and essence of the Chinese spiritual activity with 5,000 years of history , Is one of the oldest and most outstanding cultures in mankind. It is through modern industrial processes that China's gold coins spread the positive concept of the Chinese civilization to the peace and well-being of the Chinese nation, the praise of life and so forth throughout the world, and greatly promoted the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries . Therefore, in this sense, the Chinese gold and silver commemorative coins are not only beautiful but also sublime.

The current adjustment of the gold and silver commemorative coin market situation is not over, the overall look a bit dull, but it also means that friends have enough time and opportunity to grasp their favorite boutique. Regardless of short-term ups and downs, as a traditional culture lover chose the Chinese gold coins, in addition to the market price I value more is the cultural attributes and artistic value of the Chinese gold coins, as the Prime Minister said, inheriting and promoting Chinese culture is our contemporary Historical responsibility of Chinese sons and daughters. At the same time, I also firmly believe that at present, China's gold coin business is facing a historic opportunity for development. With the country's vigorous investment in the cultural industry, as China's gold coin culture concept continues to be publicized and exploited, along with the joint efforts of the gold coin head office and market participants Efforts, continuous pioneering and innovative, and constantly regulate and improve the gold and silver currency trading market, there will be more and more concerned about and love the Chinese culture, people agree that quenching gold and silver, the concept of heritage culture, added to the collection of modern gold and silver coin investment Fans of this group, the market will gradually expand the base, increasing social impact, have a good social and economic benefits. By then, our market will surely usher in the unprecedented development. Therefore, the majority of Tibetans and friends should strengthen their confidence and seize the opportunity and are firmly convinced that in the process of realizing the strategy of building a powerful nation by culture, the Chinese gold coins will surely map a bright light.