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2021 Spring Festival holiday notice

2021 Spring Festival holiday notice

Dongshang exhibition information preview in the second half of 2020

Dear Madam or Mr.: Hello! Sincerely thank you and your company for your continued support and attention to our company! In order to better expand the business of Dongshang, Dongshang invites you to pay attention to the information of Dongshang exhibition in the second half of 2020. The specific content of the exhibition is as follows. At the same time, I hope that the exhibition-related information can bring you new business opportunities.

Warmly welcome Boshang Dongguan Alumni Association to visit DS Dongshang

On April 20, 2021, Dongshang Company welcomed the classmates and entrepreneurs of Boshang Dongguan Alumni Association. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Guohua, Boshang Dongguan Alumni Association came to Dongshang Company for a visit. Participating in this event are the Boshang Dongguan Alumni Association Vice President Nanfeng, Li Yungang, Vice President Zhou Zhizhong, Liu Xinwu Picket Chief, Luo Jinxia, CFO, Boshang College Dongguan Branch: Zhu Hongfu, General Manager, and Boshang There are more than 60 students from the Dongguan Alumni Association.

When the 104th rum party is going hot, DS·Dongshang will take you to the scene~

April 2 2021 5 days The highly anticipated 104th Spring Sugar and Wine Fair Officially kicked off at Jinjiang Hotel in Chengdu This rum fair will be the first offline trade fair after the epidemic More surprises and expectations are given by the outside world The opening day was crowded and lively Attracted many manufacturers and alcohol lovers from all over the country Many businessmen gather, full of friends An unprecedented event with great momentum kicked off

In the warmth of spring, DS·Dongshang will meet you at the Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Party~

Chengdu, a city with a strong history and culture, has been known as the "land of abundance" since ancient times. It is a good season for the warmth of spring in Chengdu. The 104th Spring Sugar and Wine Fair of 2021 will kick off from April 2nd to 6th in the Vienna Hall, 9th Floor, Jinjiang Hotel, Chengdu. As a leader in the wood product packaging industry, DS Dongshang has appeared in the rum fair many times. The rum fair DS Dongshang will bring more surprises. The National Sugar and Wine Fair is a national comprehensive event with a long history, large scale and far-reaching influence in China's sugar and alcohol food industry.

DS Dongshang appeared at the Dongguan Manufacturing and Selection and Concentrated Procurement Alliance Exhibition, with continuous surprises~

The Tesco Dongguan·Dongguan Manufacturing Selection and Collective Procurement Alliance Exhibition ended on November 29, 2020 at the Bailanhua Plaza, Minying International Trade Center, Dongguan. The exhibition attracted nearly 300 exhibitors, and a 1,000-person purchasing group composed of more than 500 leading enterprises in the cultural tourism, cultural and cultural fields, and cultural and creative fields from more than 30 provinces and cities came to match purchases.

Dongshang DS trademark

Interpretation of the Dongshang DS trademark: In order to facilitate visual communication and the international recognition of the corporate logo, this logo uses the initials "D" and "S" of the brand name "Dongshang" and the Great Wall of China as the main elements.
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